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Dear Readers,

I'm leaving Livejournal and hopping over to Wordpress. You can also see all my old entries there too. I will not be writting in Livejournal anymore, so please proceed to : http://foxxychic.wordpress.com/


my tune

Love the colourr


Dreams are made of these...

If i ever had a chance to open up a craft store....this is how it will be like...

Love both

I so like Jen's style. Safe but nice.

Need ideas?

Donch you sometimes get bored and tired of how and what to wear to work or for play?
Nowadays i've lost my sense of fashion for i have compromise style for comfort. I look crumpy now. Plus i'm just plain lazy to wear makeup. Makeup = waking up 5 mins earlier and im not quite sure if i can sacrifice that.

Heels are a no-no now that i walk to and from work. Even mary-janes are out. Need air for my feet to breathe. So i now opt for sandal. I KNOW! How could i? the writer of MissFoxxy do this. Not foxxy at all man. Living 4 junctions away from work doesnt help. Am i going through a period here?

Even for weekends, it's just a plain blouse and jeans. JEANS. I'm tired of them. Plus, i don't wear make-up. OMG. What's happening? I need to jazz things up. FAST.

Here are some ideas from ASOS.

This is so my style.

Oh...where can i find this crop denim jacket?


 I can't believe it.

This May, it will be 'TThe FoxxyChic Diary' 's 2nd anniversary!!!

Like WOW.

How can i even forget my 1st, being the so proud writer iam.

Looking back, i happy that i've shared many interesting posts. To me atleast. Haha.

Wow. So many things have happen and evovled. Who knew, Missfoxxy would produced another blog.

My Beautiful Bridal Journey.

What's next? My very own website, a '.com' site???? I soooo want!!! And an online shopping site that comes along with it? That would be a dream come true!!!

I hope my readers out there enjoy reading my stuff as much as i love writting and sourcing out for them. 
Just another random thought ya, i wanna become a writer. You know like that Sophie Kel....smthing. The one who wrote 'Confessions of a Shopperholic'. So yea....that would be the 3 phase after i get my online shopping site up? Amin.

To end off this entry, here is an inspirational song. Ask yourself.
Proud - Heather Small</div>

Always love it, always will

I've always love high-waist. If only i had flat tummy and slim sides

Love IT